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Recognize Your Power & EMPOWER others to do the same!




As an Intuitive Oracle Card Reader I am able to connect with your energy simply by knowing your full name & DOB!

My 5 star rated readings shed light & love to you, in order to clarify & guide you to your highest good.

I offer several types of readings, from Love to General & Mommy & Me!

Emergency readings are also available when you are in need of some guidance ASAP!

Numbers are the very essence of how life expresses itself. In understanding your birth code you will discover who you truly are at a soul level, how to use your special gifts & how you naturally overcome obstacles to gain the wisdom & courage to fulfill your divine mission.

Let me help you to find guidance, clarity, understanding & unveil your true purpose here in this lifetime with an extensive numerology report.



Kundalini is a scientific technology activating the nervous and glandular systems using mantra, kriya, pranayama and meditation.

Kundalini Meditations allows you to manipulate time which makes things that you want to happen, happen faster than you thought possible!

This practice is a fast track to change and opening up your consciousness!